Ukraine is included in the top 20 countries with the highest estimated numbers of incident
MDR/RR-TB cases

Total population of Ukraine was 41 732 779 in 2020

Total TB incidence: 32 000 (21 000 - 45 000)

Rate per 100 000 population: 73 (49-102)

TB treatment coverage (notified/estimated incidence): 55% (39-82)

TB case fatality ratio (estimated mortality/estimated incidence): 21% (13-29)

TB new case notifications: 17 533

National TB budget (2021) – 133 000 000 US$

TB-SRPN Members
  • Olga Nikolaieva
    Kyiv School of Economics
  • Liubomyr Rak

    The Lung Health Center (Lviv)

    General Director
  • Yuliya Chorna
    TB Europe Coalition
    TB civil society expert; consultant
  • Olga Klymenko
    TBpeople Ukraine
    Head of TBpeople Ukraine
  • Oleg Nakonechnyi

    The Lung Health Center (Lviv)

    Head of the Statistical Department
  • Maryna Hrudii
    NGO "Club Eney"
    Monitoring And Evaluation Officer
  • Ihor Kuzin
    Public Health Center of the MOH of Ukraine
    Chief State Sanitary doctor of Ukraine
  • Mariya Bachmaha
    NGO “PH Capital. Public Health Experts”
    Managing Director
  • Olha Sakalska
    The Kyiv Regional Phtisiopulmonological Center
    Vice Director
  • Volodymyr Shukatka
    Kyiv Regional TB Dispensary
    Doctor, Phthisiatrician 
  • Yana Sheremeta
    Leading officer
  • Galyna Lukash
    TB Europe Coalition
    Regional Sociologist in MAF-TB Baseline Assessment (Consultant)
  • Olga Sakalska
    Kyiv Regional TB Dispensary
    Deputy Chief Medical Office
  • Roman Veresnyuk
    Lviv Regional Phthisiopneumological Clinical Treatment and Diagnostic Center
    Chief Doctor, Phthisiatrician
  • Vladyslav Zvol
    Public Health Center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
    MD-Epidemiologist of education and training department and Director-general technical assistant
  • Galyna Gorodetska
    Centre for Public Health Development of the Ukrainian Catholic University
  • Krystyna Rivera
    TBpeople Global
    Communication Officer
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